Friday, November 4, 2011

Wren's Wednesday Market opens soon

We are back! Better later than never I guess! Did not intend for our break to last this long, but we will have our market on Wednesdays for the month of November. The Winter Market will start in December on Saturdays.
We will try our best to provide our cherished customers with a good variety of high quality locally grown, raised and made vegetables, fruit, flowers, meats, eggs, canned goods and breads!
We have a great group of partner farms that rotate this market as they have product available. As you may know many of our partner farms are also members of the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market and other local markets. We are a separate market and so as not to conflict we shift this market to Wednesday evening.
We are a little different than a traditional farmers
market in that you may pre-order, then pick -up your order. The benefit is that your produce will be there waiting for you, and parking is convenient ! However we do sell some extra produce off the tables, first come...
Our pick-up day will be
Wednesday 3:30 to 7pm. Same location- the Fayetteville Firefighters' Association building (A.K.A. the old Greyhound bus depot) at 1041 South School Street in Fayetteville.
Look for our portable sign out front.
---------------------------------------------------TO ORDER---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Its easy! Please send a reply email to us with a list of each product you would like separated by farm. This will help me in collecting the orders for each farm. Farm initials will be fine(or copy and paste).I will always reply back when I receive your order, if you have not gotten a reply within a day please send it again. PLEASE HAVE YOUR ORDER TO ME BY MIDNIGHT SUNDAY, again this will greatly help me in assembling the orders, which go out to each farm Monday morning. When you come on Wednesday go to each farms table to purchase your order.
2 qt tomatoes
1 grape jelly
1 qt honey
2 whole chickens
2 doz chicken eggs
1 wtg mix
1 lettuce only mix
Please keep in mind some items may be in limited supply- orders are filled in the order they are received!
***Please !!!***
, we ask that you do not place an order if you are not sure that you will be able to pick it up! Please understand we, as vendors take great pride in what we do and strive to bring you the best product possible. For some, our product is perishable and at times products are in limited supply. When these orders do not get picked up, another customer might have missed an item they wanted and the farmer may have missed that sale. Since our market is just once a week , fresh produce is then wasted. Other vendors with higher cost items may only have a few orders, and a missed sale makes a difference. There are time and fuel expenses incurred by all. WE DO UNDERSTAND THINGS HAPPEN! If something comes up unexpectedly, we certainly understand. But please be mindful of this for us! I will have a master list if you forget what you ordered. An unclaimed order could be set on the table for sale after 6pm unless we hear different from you. We will gladly hold it if you know ahead that you will be late.
If you do not receive an order letter by Friday evening each week, please let me know! If you did not get the order letter please check first and make sure the emails did not get kicked into your SPAM, you may need to flag it as a safe sender.
I will always reply back when you order, if you don’t get a reply within a day please send it again!
------------------------------------------------NEW NEWS !!!--------------------------------------------------
(Check this section each week for news, changes and additions.)
Welcome to the new people on our customer email list! We are glad to have you and look forward to meeting each of you!
You may have noticed a new email address for this order letter, I have changed a few things- if there is anyone that received this order letter and DOES NOT want to be on the list or has an email change please let me know. It will go out in one large group mailing now - please spread the word incase some do not see this because it went into their spam- (remember I am a farmer not a techie!-Deb)
- This spring and summer turned out to be rough one for all of us! From early flooding to hail to drought and heat! But that’s farmin’ for ya! Our melon crops were a total loss this year due to crows, drought and heat. Just as well though I suppose, about the time we suspended our last Wednesday Market my Mother’s health started a rapid decline. My time was consumed with Mom and Dad this summer. Mom passed away on September 7. I am very grateful that I was able to do it , however I think the Wednesday Market suffered and I apologize for that. Now we are ready to get back to it!We are considering offering MUSHROOMS at the Winter Market this year! Let me know if this is something you would be interested in. (See below)
- We have plenty of fresh CHICKEN and will offer TURKEYS this year too! If you want a turkey for Thanksgiving we need your order by NOVEMBER 16.
We will also sell
FIREWOOD again this year. (See below)
- We will offer CHRISTMAS WREATHS again this year. We will start bringing them in December for the first Winter Market. If you would like a wreath(s) earlier please let me know. We will not be taking bread orders for a few weeks (Beverly will have surgery this week, please keep her in your prayers-Deb) but our Angus beef will be available.(See below)

HORN FAMILY FARM- We are heating our greenhouses differently this year and plan to have a good crop of

TOMATOES for the Winter Market! We have new flavors of jam and canned goods also! (See below)
-------------------------------------------PRODUCTS AVAILABLE THIS WEEK----------------------------------
Debra Elam McDonald and Darin McDonald
West Fork, AR
Join us on Facebook and now Twitter! (Thank you Jill Anthes! She keeps these updated for us!)
COOKING GREENS- mix will vary with each harvest and may include: giant mustard, red mustard, green mizuna, red mizuna, broccoli raab, vitamin green, watermelon radish greens, beet greens, turnip greens.
Naturally grown......1/2lb $4.00 bunch
PURPLE TOP TURNIPS (with greens).....$3.50 bunch
TURNIP GREENS only......1 lb, $3.50
RED PURSLANE- succulent herb with leaves high in Omega-3 fatty acid and stems high in vitamin C, eat raw in salads or sauteed as a side dish.....$3.00 bunch
FRENCH SORREL- tangy lemon flavor. Use in salads, soups and sauces.....$4.00 bunch
MINT- spearmint or chocolate mint.....$1.00 bunch
EDIBLE FLOWERS- Use to top off a spectacular salad or as a beautiful garnish. A mix of nasturtiums , and various flowering greens...........$3.50 box
MUSHROOMS! Fresh from the mushroom farm in Oklahoma ! We make several trips each year for mushroom compost for our beds- we can source mushrooms from here too! Let me know if this is a product you would like to have at our market this winter. Varieties available are Button, Italian Brown (Crimini), Portabella, Oyster ,and Shiitake.
We will also have odds and ends to sell from the table that includes Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, habanero peppers, dried cheyenne peppers. Not a big supply of any of these–first come!
Terrel "Spence" and Carla Spencer
West Fork, AR
Check out our Facebook page!
Despite sky-rocketing feed costs, we've gotten better at what we do, and are able to offer THE SAME PRICE as last year (where else have you seen that!)

Pastured/Free Range Poultry - check out our face book page for pictures!

Whole Chickens - $3.79/lb

Liver - 2.50/lb Bags are around 3lbs

Stock parts (necks/paws) - 1.50/lb

TURKEYS - we'll be selling turkeys through our friends at
in Marshall Arkansas.
Turkeys will be $4/lb and are raised on pasture. If you would like a turkey for Thanksgiving we need your order by NOVEMBER 16. Frozen turkeys will be delivered November 21.(We will probably have our market on Nov. 21 this week because of Thanksgiving- will let everyone know - Deb)
If you need FIREWOOD let me know- there is about a 2 week delay as we work down the list.
If you have any questions contact Spence at or 479- 601-5390.
Ken & Beverly Hanson
& the kids Dustin, Haley and Gracie
Evansville, AR
Hello from Hanson Family Farm! We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!
****Christmas Wreaths will be here again this year****** If you know that you will want one or more please let me know and I will start adding you to my list - I will start bringing them to market the first week of December. (If you should need them prior to that week then let me know and we can make arrangements).
Prices for Large ($45 large) Small ($35) Each wreath will have a mixture of pine and cedar limbs, holly branches w/ berries, pine cones and a decorative bow. ** Add $10 more per wreath if wanting decorative picks added
Our Angus Cattle are free range and hormone free. With AI Genetics to get premium marbling, and adding corn to their diet, we are able to offer you a premium product. We take pride in the quality of meat products that we bring to market, and hope you will enjoy them at your dinner table as much as we enjoy them at ours. (Prices have been reduced, this will be our only beef offering.)
Steaks -
cut 1 inch thick - 2 per package
T- Bone - $9.00 lb (only 1 pkg. avail.)
Rib Steak - $8.00 lb. (4 pkgs. avail)
New York Strip - $11.00 lb. (1 pkg avail)
Minute Steaks - $5.00 lb.(1 1/2 - 2 lb. pkgs)
Sirloin Steaks - $6.50 lb. ( 2 pkgs. avail)
Tenderloin - $10.00 lb. ( 2 pkgs. avail.)
Roast -
weights range from 3 ½ - 5 ½ lbs)
All are $5.00 lb.
Chuck - 5 avail.
Arm - 1 avail
Pikes Peak - 1 avail.
Rump - 1 avail.
Brats - $7.00 pkg. (4 per pkg.) NO MSG or Nitrates
Beef Ribs - $3.00 lb. (pkgs. avail)
Tongue - $4.00 lb.
Soup Bones - $2.00 lb.
If you have any questions please feel free to call 479-848-0557 or email us at
Fay Horn
Brent and Amy Horn
Horn Farms is a family-owned, family-run business with a state approved kitchen on about 20 acres in Elm Springs. Our goats and hogs started out as 4H projects for grandkids and grew from that. All are antibiotic and hormone free, processed, packaged and weighed at a USDA plant. Everything we sell is guaranteed to your satisfaction or we will refund your money.
SWEET POTATOES $4 a quart box

JAMS $5 pint
-Peach Pineapple
-Huckleberry Pineapple
-Apple Peach Grape
-Blackberry Blueberry

The Following Pints $7
Apple Butter
Squash Relish
Green Tomato Relish
Pickled Okra
Pickled Okra with Hot Peppers
Pickled Hot Peppers

HONEY $8 Pint, $14 Quart
We will have ARKANSAS BLACK APPLES, JONATHAN APPLES, WINTER SQUASH and PORK to sell off the table also.
THANKS EVERYONE! We appreciate our Wednesday and Winter Market customers so much! If it were not for you we could not be here!
Wren Thicket Gardens

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